16mm film, color sound, 4 minutes, 2001.

Acetylene is an example of my 16mm film photogram work. Although I work with film and video, I am most interested in sensations which cannot be articulated through representational imagery or language. I make photograms, laying objects on unexposed film and flashing it with light. The historic links are intended, but I am primarily interested in the relationship between the directness of the object – the trace it leaves on film – and the resulting abstraction. For me, this work speaks to a conflation of memory and the present, the physicality of the object and its abstracted inscription.

For full preview and rental information please go to Light Cone, Paris.

Recent screenings include: Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, USA; PHOTON Centre for Contemporary Photography, Ljubljana, Slovenia; Galerie Talmart, Paris, France; The Invisible Line Gallery, London, United Kingdom; PINK Gallery, Seoul, South Korea; Vovatanya Gallery, Kharkiv, Ukraine; STILL FIGHTING IGNORANCE & INTELLECTUAL PERFIDY, Ben Uri Museum, London, UK.