5k digital file, color, sound, 9 minutes, 2023

‘Iris’ is a short experimental film that uses found 16mm footage, original tape loops, and vintage recordings to explore attention, suspension, and the slippage between language, music, and aural phantoms – all focused outside of the boundaries of the recommended range. In early cinema the iris shot was used to gradually begin or end a scene and to focus audiences’ attention on something of importance in the shot; it mimics the opening and closing iris in the human eye.

Distributed by Light Cone, Paris.

Many thanks to Lia Alexopoulos, Alex Papadopoulos, TWK. 16mm film scan by Nicki Coyle at The Negative Space. With special appreciation for the person who shot the original 16mm footage.

B.F. Skinner Verbal Summator audio used with thanks to and permission from the B.F. Skinner Foundation.