4k file, color, sound, 5.5 minutes, 2019

This short experimental film explores improbable chances, the direction of time, a fragility of feeling, and the nature of the universe – as understood within and outside the confines of the Super8 film frame. Camera Obscura seeks to conflate the gap between time and place, shifting where one should look for meaning – from center to edges. The main film is built around a roll of Super8 film shot in a camera that captured no light, but instead left the film with scratched emulsion around the sprocket holes, revealing the color layers outside what is supposed to be the image area. In the soundtrack, theoretical physicist Leonard Susskind asks us to imagine there’s a little hole in the side of the box, (which in his talk represents the universe). We watch an imageless film, with only the bright white hole in the film to capture our eye. The piece uses recording technologies to attempt to connect with people in another time, in another place. Sounds seep from one piece to another, drawing connections between the works. Like print-through, (which happens when magnetic audiotape is wound too tightly), thoughts, memories, feelings, and ideas seem to transfer from one layer of time to another.

For rental information, please go to Light Cone, Paris.