4k file, color, sound, 3.5 minutes, 2021

SEAM is a short experimental film shot on Super8 film that explores everyday hauntings, drawing attention to the margins of experience.

An early audio recording medium, wax cylinder recordings were the first commercially produced sound recordings. They create a snapshot of the daily life of those “early adopters” in the decades around the turn of the 20th century, who recorded the small details of their day with what was, during its time, the newest technology. Two anonymous sound recordings from wax cylinders comprise a primary part of the soundtrack to SEAM. Thanks to the University of California, Santa Barbara Cylinder Audio Archive.

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Screenings: Prisme Festival, Nantes, France, December 1-5, 2021; Fisura, Intvernational Festival of Experimental Film & Video, February 2022, Mexico City, Mexico; Fresh Stream Experimental Film Festival, March 2022, Best Experimental Film Award; Experiments in Cinema, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, 2022; OPEN AIR FILMFEST WEITERSTADT, Weiterstadt, Germany, 2022; CROSSROADS Film Festival, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2022; Engauge Experimental Film Festival, Seattle, WA, USA, 2022; Edinburgh International Film Festival (Official Selection), Edinburgh, Scotland, 2022; Antimatter [Media Art], Victoria, BC, Canada, 2022; Festival des Cinémas Différents et Expérimentaux de Paris 2022; Ribalta Experimental Film Festival, Bologna, Italy (pre-festival screening), 2023; International Encounters Traverse, Abattoirs Museum. Toulouse, France, 2023.